Right Tools

These are a few of our favorite things

Everyone has their favorite garden tools. Our list is not meant to be the final word, simply a starting place for building a gardening tool box.

Garden Knife

A Japanese farmer's knife also called a hori-hori knife. This fits nicely into your garden cart, bucket, or apron and the blade length and handle are perfectly proportioned making it a wonderful leveraging tool making weeding and other small tasks much easier. A. M. Leonard makes one with a bright orange handle that is hard to lose.

Pop Up Garden Bags

Pop up garden bags are great space savers, yet expand to hold all kinds of leaves and clippings. Fiskar's makes a durable one, called the Kangaroo.


The best gift you can give a gardener may be the one and only Felco No. 2 pruners. Yes, the initial investment seems steep ($50), but the blades can be sharpened many times over, and later replaced with new ones. The shape and grip on these is unmatched. If you are left-handed, or arthritic, Felco's makes other sizes and shapes that may be a better match. Once you try Felco's , it's hard to settle for anything else.


The Radius "Transplanter" shovel is one of the best on the market: beautifully designed, incredibly built, good looking, lightweight, yet tough as nails. This particular shovel shape gives you a lot of leverage when digging in the garden helping you dig deep and neat.


Gloves are a must have for gardeners and there are dozens of them on the market. We like a glove that gives us the ability to pick up small bulbs, scratch the root ball on a perennial, and the kind you can wash and wear. And afford to replace. Nothing fits the bill quite like the Atlas Nitrile gloves. Look for them in fun colors, and packs of three.

Hose Nozzle

We are still on a quest for the one perfect hose nozzle. The one that comes closest to fitting that bill is the good looking, colorful Dramm. It may not last forever but when it fails, it is replaced for free. Yes, this hose nozzle has a lifetime warranty and they mean it. Oh, and did we mention it comes in lots of snazzy colors? Like Berry!

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